Welcome, Get Out! is a puzzle game where the cranky narrator really doesn't like you being there. There are 7 different hand-crafted levels with a witty narrator and his sarcastic comments trying to stop you from succeeding.

Will you best him?

On mobile? No Problem! The game is also available on the Google Playstore! Soon coming to the Apple Appstore (maybe?)

Downloadable versions of the game are available on GitHub as well! 

This project was presented at Columbia College Chicago's Manifest 2021!

This project was also presented at Electrify! Esports, Education, Innovation 2021!

Here are our Team Members as well as where you can find their other works!
This project was made as a Capstone at Columbia College Chicago.

  • Team Leader/Designer/Artist
    Mingshen Wu (Website)
  • Scrum Master/Programmer/Designer
    Owen Ravelo (Website)
  • Designer/Screenwriter
    Perri Bentley (Website)
  • Voice Actor (The Narrator)
    John Buchaniec (Website)
  • Sound Effects
    William Bacchus
  • Artist
    Yunyi Chen (Communication University of China, Nanjing)

Also available on


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this is awesome

Great work!